The Future of Digital Pathology is Now

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The Future of Digital Pathology is Now

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Digital Slide Review is Better Than Ever*

BxLink enables the pathologist to view digital slide images on LUMEA’s platform. See the pathologist’s workflow in action:
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*BxLink has not been approved by the FDA for digital primary diagnosis. Refer to CAP guidelines regarding the use of digital pathology technologies.

Connects Everyone on the same Digital Platform


Annotate Digitally

Circle areas of interest digitally on any device and store marked areas in the patient encounter.

Auto-Track Tissue Sites

Specimens multiplexed on a single slide are tracked by artificial intelligence to aid the pathologist in ensuring areas of interest are connected to the proper location.

Automated Reporting Tools

BxLink creates an auto-generated full color report while the pathologist is focusing on identifying and grading cancer.

Request Consults

Send requests for digital slides to be reviewed by another pathologist in BxLink.

Easy Access to Additional Slides

Additional slides and stains prepared by the lab will also be scanned into BxLink and attached to the encounter for quick, easy access.

Digital Gross to Slide Image Comparison

The pathologist can review the digital grossing image created by the lab. Artificial intelligence highlights the detected tissue, allowing the Pathologist to reference against the slides and images being reviewed.


Coming soon: Artificial intelligence DxAssist will aid the pathologist in identifying areas of malignancy.*

BxChip for a Pathologist

Speed up diagnoses and increase the amount of tissue for review.

Benefits of the BXCHIP

The BxChip is an artificially-engineered tissue array that holds up to 6 needle-core biopsies.

Diagnose Faster

The BxChip allows up to 18 cores on a single slide, resulting in a 6x reduction in slides for review. This cuts the time to diagnose by 37%

More Tissue = More Data = Better Diagnosis

The BxChip increases core length by 31%
and total surface area by 15%
*DxAssist has not been FDA approved for digital primary diagnosis.
† Shulka D, Morocho J, Smith D, et at. Prostate biopsy processing: An innovative model for reducing cost, test time and improving diagnostic material. Paper presented at 107th Annual USCAP Meeting; March 20, 2018; Vancouver, Canada.
‡ Wojno K, Al-Jundi R, Mazurco A, Hamzawy HA. Mp16-19 BxChipTM clinical tissue array increases cancer detection rate & amount of tissue available for pathologist review. The Journal of Urology. 2016;195(4). doi:10.1016/j.juro.2016.02.2584.

How Does the BxChip work?

SEE the bxchip in action in the lab
*BxLink has not been FDA approved for digital primary diagnosis.
See CAP guidelines for use of digital pathology technologies.

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