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The way for labs to provide digital pathology, increase their competitive advantage, and improve their bottom line


BxChip in the Lab

Reduces slide production time by 80% and lab costs by 30%*


Multiplexing Saves Time & Money

The BxChip is an artificially-engineered tissue array that holds up to 6 needle-core biopsies to be processed in a single block. It standardizes tissue handling and preserves more tissue. Watch the video to see it in action:

How Does the BxChip Work?

Benefits of the BxChip

Better Tissue Quality

The BxChip increases a tissue’s cross- sectional surface area by 15% and overall length by 31%*.

Reduce Cost

The BxChip reduces the number of slides to create by 83%, reducing material costs by up to 30%.

Save Time

Multiplexing with the BxChip results in a 73% decrease in laboratory time for grossing, embedding, and sectioning .

Grossing Assist Tools

The BxChip integrates with BxLink to digitally obtain specimen information, such as core length and surface area.

Mimics Real Tissue

The BxChip is artificially engineered tissue designed to process, cut, and stain just like real tissue.

Use Standard Lab Equipment

The BxChip was built to be compatible with standard laboratory equipment. No new equipment is needed.

The First Integrated Diagnostic Information System

BxLink connects clinics, labs, and pathologists on the same integrated platform to provide a diagnosis. It digitizes each party’s workflow, providing time and cost savings for each group. Watch the video to see how:
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Benefits of BxLink for Labs

Go Digital

BxLink is a turn-key, digital diagnostic information system with no upfront cost for labs.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence in BxLink assists the technician to gross total tissue surface area with greater speed and accuracy.

Track Tissue with RFID

Patient tissue is scanned at the point of care and is connected to the digital encounter created by the clinic.

Fast Turn-around Time

The more efficient, digital workflows provided by BxLink make it possible for the diagnosis to be delivered as soon as 24 hours from the biopsy.

Labs who adopt BxLink provide digital, cost-effective, and time-saving solutions for their pathologists and the clinics they service.

Pathologist Benefits

Digital Slide Review

BxLink allows the lab to create digital images of slides for the pathologist to be reviewed.

Reduce Sign-out Time

Digital images, BxChip technology, and artificial intelligence tools reduce the time to diagnose.

Use Artificial Intelligence

LUMEA’s AI knows which tissue the pathologist is diagnosing, which prevents swapping.

Automated Reporting Tools

BxLink calculates and creates the patient report while the diagnosis takes place.

Clinic Benefits

Improved Patient Safety

Clinics connect tissue with patient using RFID technology before sending specimens to the lab.

Faster Report Turn-around Time

BxLink ultimately speeds up the entire diagnostic process through digitizing each party’s workflow.

Faster Digital Workflow

Clinics no longer fill out or fax paper requisitions.

Digital Genetic Test Ordering

LUMEA integrates with testing companies to make test ordering easier and results faster.
*Wojno K, Al-Jundi R, Mazurco A, Hamzawy HA. Mp16-19 BxChipTM clinical tissue array increases cancer detection rate & amount of tissue available for pathologist review. The Journal of Urology. 2016;195(4). doi:10.1016/j.juro.2016.02.2584.
†Shulka D, Morocho J, Smith D, et at. Prostate biopsy processing: An innovative model for reducing cost, test time and improving diagnostic material. Paper presented at 107th Annual USCAP Meeting; March 20, 2018; Vancouver, Canada.
‡BxLink has not been approved by the FDA for digital primary diagnosis. Refer to CAP guidelines regarding the use of digital pathology technologies.

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