The Future of
Cancer Diagnostics

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The Future of Digital Pathology is Now

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“We do more than just digitize pathology; we are evolving the entire process from the time of biopsy to the life-altering diagnosis.”

Dr. Matthew O. Leavitt, Chief Medical Officer and Founder of LUMEA, Inc.

LUMEA is Leading an Industry Change

Anatomic Pathology is Outdated

The current practice of pathology is outdated and behind other specialties which have adopted modern technology. Fax machines and the postal service are still the means of relaying information between disconnected parties, while the microscope is still the primary method of diagnosis.

LUMEA is Changing Cancer Diagnostics

LUMEA is advancing pathology into the digital age through the power of the internet, digital microscopic imaging, and integrative software. These innovations bridge the gap between the practices performed for decades, and the modern advances of today. LUMEA has also reimagined the laboratory and diagnostic process to reduce cost, add efficiency, and improve patient care.

The Future is Artificial Intelligence (AI)

LUMEA’s digital platform provides pathologists AI tools to modernize the diagnostic process and provide better patient care. Such tools include:
  • AI-Driven tissue measurement calculations that deliver precision to historically inaccurate and variable processes.
  • Pattern recognition algorithms will assist in detecting areas of interest which speed up the diagnostic process and reduce errors.

LUMEA is the Solution

The current diagnostic process has several challenges. LUMEA offers solutions that bring pathology into the digital age


Digital Pathology is Expensive

Other digital pathology solutions don’t provide economic drivers and are expensive to adopt. Reimbursement rates also keep getting cut, reducing already slim profit margins.


Increase Efficiency

The way for labs to increase profits is to be more efficient. LUMEA provides digital pathology solutions that greatly increase efficiency in a cost-effective way for labs to adopt.


Siloed Workflows

Information systems are typically centered around an institution. This creates a disconnect between the clinic, lab, and pathologist. Even though they’re all involved in the diagnosis, they operate completely separate from one another.


Connected Workflows

Starting from the point of care, LUMEA’s platform revolves around the patient and digitally connects each party’s workflow in a collective effort to provide a diagnosis.


Lack of Standardization

There is a lack of standardization in collecting, handling, preserving, processing, and diagnosing tissue. Each party has their own way of doing things based on outdated protocols, lack of technology, and limitations in their information systems.


Standardized Processes

LUMEA’s technology standardizes the way tissue is handled by each group: from the point of care through the diagnosis. This consistency allows for greater patient safety, improved tissue quality, and better clinic medicine. Learn more.

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Our Team is the Difference

Our multidisciplinary team incorporated artificial intelligence into an improved digital pathology workflow.

Our Unique Approach

LUMEA’s team is made up of researchers, inventors, engineers, pathologists, laboratory professionals, software developers, sales teams and marketers. Such a diverse team allows us to improve the entire diagnostic process from beginning to end while bringing it into the digital age.

Our Clinical Laboratory

We operate our own clinical laboratory in order to test and validate new technology before commercialization and adoption. Our lab also provides diagnostics for real physicians and their patients using our own technology. The feedback we receive is what allows us to continue to innovate and expand our technology to provide relevant, effective solutions for our clients and to improve patient’s lives.

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